LogoLooking back on my 5:2 diet

So, a year on, how's my 5:2 diet going? The good news is that, looking at the data, I've lost a whole, umm, 2kg over the past year ... hmm, wait. Ok, maybe not so good. The full graph tells a bigger story:

I reached my lowest weight of 86kg first on the 28th June 2013. If you compare that to my maximum of 97kg on the 5th of January then a reduction of 11kg over 6 months isn't too bad. However, as you can see from the graph, I started trending up again soon after.

The second axis, of total_calories expended through exercise, probably explains a large part of why. It shows that the extent and frequency of my exercise reduced soon after mid-year. Also, If I remember correctly, I kept bingeing a bit too much on off-days, as I was afraid of.

So, conclusions? All I can really say based on this is that a combination of exercise and 5:2 fasting worked for me. Now I just need to back to doing it properly again!