LogoYou've never had it so good

What's the opposite of Nostalgia? Nowadays, I can think of an idea, code it up and have it on heroku in minutes. Working at a start-up in 2001--2004 was somewhat different.

Back then, the first task was to decide which of the many (over-priced) Cisco routers you should stick in your closet. The people at our service provider were all friendly and helpful, but the idea of personally visiting your boxes now seems mildly archaic.

Going with a cloud-based provider is still not a trivial choice. Little sysadmin-level expertise within-company means you are more beholden to AWS/Azure/Who-ever to keep your service running. Security and trust are issues to be settled, but it's a welcome choice to be able to spend on your unique selling points.

In summary: you've never had it so good.

p.s. We also had to sweep the lake.