Logo"How can I tell which of these damn tabs is making a sound?"

Hmm, I'm out two for two on random summer holiday projects. First, the hadoop quickstart example doesn't reduce. Now, my idea to list what tabs in Chrome are making a noise is also a non-starter. Seems I'm not alone in wanting this. It's pretty trivial to make a Chrome extension, quite nice in fact, but there seems to be no api to help find what tabs contain something which is making a sound.

In general, anything other than YouTube which makes a noise in my browser pisses me off. Even then, you can have the problem of re-opening a bunch of restored tabs and having to hunt down the one playing that video you watched two weeks ago and forgot to close the tab of. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's pretty damn annoying.

I was hoping for one central point that everything went through to play sound, but the answer to that may be 'the operating system'. That's a little too gross a level. I want those tabs, dammit.