LogoToday, I accidentally ran 10k

It started as a 5k run for burma in Inverleith park. After a frantic ride on my bike to make registration, I started at 11. We looped round a couple of times and I passed the steward, who said "go right if you've seen me twice". I couldn't remember seeing her in particular, but it felt about right. I ran on and, curious about my time, checked my phones SportyPal app. Unfortunately, it said I had only ran 1.86km. Shit.

I dutifully turned around, passed by the steward again, and trudged off for another few laps, wondering how the hell I'd managed to do 5k in half an hour only a few weeks previously. I finally finished about thirty minutes later, feeling quite embarrassed as I ran past people already heading home.

What I didn't know, is that my app had stopped at 1.86km. One time around Inverleith park is just under 2km. I had done closer to four or five times around.

What's the lesson from this story? That I can run 10k without realising it, or that I put far too much trust in electronic devices?