LogoThat's it, all gone!

Those of you who've seen me around recently will have noticed a gradual disappearance of hair on my left side. This was accompanied by a gradual increase in attempts to make a comb-over look like a real haircut. No more.

About a year ago I started developing a small bald patch on each side of my head. This developed into a large patch on one side. I got this diagnosed as Alopecia Areata. See the BAD website for details, but in summary, it's an Auto-Immune disease that attacks my hair follicles, causing them to fall out. It's not uncommon, but it is still annoying, particularly because it's possible, maybe, cross your fingers, that it'll grow back. And it has. In patches. S l o w l y.

Today I noticed a large area missing on the other side. So, enough is enough, a stereo comb-over is definitely not sustainable. I declare 20/11/2011 an auspicious day to shave all my hair off!

Let's not forget, there are many advantages to having a shaved head:

  1. I can realise massive savings on shampoo.
  2. I have a web-comic all about me.
  3. I can be mistaken for Zed Shaw; ok, maybe not a benefit.
  4. It is impossible to catch head-lice (disclaimer: only advantageous if you have a child)

... and so on, the list is endless!

Here's what I look like now (I took this just after I shaved it all off):

New Year, new picture